An amazing article on lost art; make sure to view the slide show to see work from the exhibit:

Stabiae’s riches — especially in fresco paintings, many of which have never been exhibited before — are the subject of “Otium Ludens” (loosely translatable as “playful idleness”), a gathering of nearly 200 detached murals, stucco and artifacts at Ravenna’s Complesso di San Nicolo. The exhibition continues here until Oct. 4, and it will travel on to Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney, Madrid and Valencia. Villa Arianna at Stabiae was partially excavated in the 18th century by Weber and his successor, Francesco La Vega. Among the treasures unearthed were four charming frescoes of female figures, dubbed Flora, Medea, Leda and Diana. The quartet was exhibited in a traveling show organized by Restoring Ancient Stabiae that began in Washington in 2004 and toured several other U.S. cities. – from NYTimes