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Luxe Travel Products You Need for Your Next Trip

Luxe Travel Products You Need for Your Next Trip


With travel on hold for most of spring, the United States is just getting back into the travel groove. Here are a few new items you won’t want to miss out on when packing your travel bag:


Enchanted Island Lotion Mist

This spray-on lotion does triple duty as a botanical climate shield, protects the skin from UV Rays, as well as hydrates with natural ingredients such as aloe, guayusa extract, guava and Morete oil (a natural UV protectant). An added benefit: a portion of the proceeds goes to The Pink Flamingo Project, an ongoing environmental clean-up in the Galapagos Islands.


Palo Santo Oil Perfume

Uplift your spirits with this plant-based oil with a pleasant hint of citrus and gardenia, perfect for travel packaged in an elegant rollerball. Palo Santo is believed to protect, heal, and promote well-being, as well as cleanse  “mala energía” (bad energy).  Added benefit-Palo Santo has been known to repel mosquitoes!



CBD Living Travel Essentials 

CBD has gone mainstream, being touted from everything from stress relief to better health. CBD Living has put together a kit that is perfect for travel, with travel-sized items. The kit contains lip balm, travel salve, Freeze (for inflamed muscles), travel lotion, and Living Tincture.