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Transitional Style from Private White V.C.’s Spring 2017 Collection

Transitional Style from Private White V.C.’s Spring 2017 Collection

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Private White V.C. set their spring presentation in an upscale airport departure lounge as a nod towards summer travelling. Nick Ashley of Private White V.C. has long been fascinated with the art of travelling and how one presents oneself when abroad. “My father travelled a lot,” Ashley explained in an interview with Holborn Magazine in March. “His aim was always to carry as little with him as possible. The ultimate in travelling light, no luggage. If he could get away with walking on to a plane carrying only his passport, he would.”

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The collection has a liminal aesthetic, with the departure lounge setting the tone for the transitional clothing. Ashley himself meant for the collection to be very ‘trans.’ The clothes are largely transseasonal and transgender. “There’s a lot of ‘trans’ going on,” he told reporters at WWD. “We really need a trans model wearing it.” Sadly, there were no trans models, but the group of models was co-ed and diverse.


Obviously inspired by his father’s minimalism, Ashley had the models equipped with very little luggage. Most notable was a vintage suitcase toted by a gentlemen whose appearance was reminiscent of Jeremy Irons in Brideshead Revisited. The Waughian fellow also sported a stunning stand collar waistcoat, a historic clothing item which, in the opinion of this writer, really ought to make a strong comeback.

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