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Top 4 Easy Ways to be Healthier in 2022

Top 4 Easy Ways to be Healthier in 2022


Every year, people look for ways to better themselves. Living healthier can be a daunting undertaking, but here are a few simple ways to start:



Nourished is the world’s first truly customized nutrition product, combining seven different active ingredients into one daily personalized gummy stack, using their innovative 3D printing technology and patented vegan encapsulation formula.

Nourished vitamins aid in areas including energy, weight loss, immunity, heart health, beauty, anti-aging, and more. Offering quality, made-to-order natural ingredients that are sugar-free, vegan, allergen-free, and plastic-free.

After taking an online quiz to determine your vitamin goals, Nourished provides you with your custom daily stacks which might include some of the most popular active ingredients of 2022: ginger extract, Vitamin B12, Ashwagandha and HT-BPL1.




ShineWater is the only hydration beverage available that delivers you a full dose of Vitamin D in each bottle. Vitamin D helps support a healthy immune system, promotes hair growth, maintains healthy bones, and helps many other cellular functions in the body. With great taste, zero sugar added and no artificial ingredients, this is a great way to enhance your water.




According to a new CDC report, only 10% and 12% of U.S. adults eat the recommended daily serving of vegetables and fruits.

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KIND is taking it to the next level of nutrition transparency by telling its millions of fans to eat fresh, whole foods instead of packaged snacks. Along with introducing KIND Whole Fruit & Nut Box, a curated limited-edition box of fresh, whole foods, the company will be hosting a whole food pop-up open to the public in New York City’s West Village on February 23rd and 24th from 11 am- 7 pm at  9 W 8th St, New York, NY 10011. 

When someone ‘purchases’ a snack from the KIND vending machine, the machine opens and transports shoppers into an immersive pop-up experience celebrating real, fresh ingredients. A must visit!





With technology becoming so advanced, it can be easier to monitor your own health right from your own phone. Services like VESSEL HEALTH ( Instant home wellness tracker), FOUND (Prescription weight care), and WELLTORY (heart rate & blood pressure monitor) can make tracking your health and wellness a breeze.

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