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This Glow In The Dark Martini Can Be Yours For $50

This Glow In The Dark Martini Can Be Yours For $50

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Only in New York City….

Just in time for World Martini Day, a NYC restaurant, Delilah, has created the first ever “glow in the dark” martini. Crafted by master mixologist, Rael Petit, the $50 drink features elit Vodka and B2 vitamins to create a drink that glows under a black light. Served under an ice sculpture (which doubles as a cooling system to make the drink as delicious as it is insta-worthy), the cocktail is served in an ice sphere so that customers can keep the drink cool, but also easily enjoy the cocktail.

Can’t make it to NYC on Monday? We’ve snagged the recipe so you can recreate the drink at home:

  • 2 parts elit Vodka
  • ¾ part Dolin Dry Vermouth
  • ¾ part Dolin White Vermouth
  • 4 drops Vitamin B2

Method: Garnish the drink with a cocktail onion on a metal skewer. To serve, place drink into ice vessel by burning the side of the ice with a torch then place drink in the bottom. To drink, reach hand inside ice sphere and remove from ice to enjoy.

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Ice sphere method: Fill balloon to desired size, release air bubble from the top, tie and hang in freezer with a plate underneath. Wait until a shell is frozen. Use a blow torch in the center of the ice sculpture to make a hole. Then release the water and continue to use the blow torch to make the hole bigger. Return it to the freezer until it’s time to serve.


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