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These Mobile Drive-Ins Bring Diversion (While Distancing) for Family Fun

These Mobile Drive-Ins Bring Diversion (While Distancing) for Family Fun

Can’t stand being shut-in? While families look for novel entertainment ideas during the duration of this novel coronavirus, one company has found a way to help cooped up communities and families amuse themselves while maintaining safe social distances.

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment® (UOE) is bringing drive-in movies from its Full Moon Drive-In® directly to customers’ locations — wherever they are — nationwide.

“UOE and Full Moon Drive-In offer the unique service of mobile drive-ins that can be setup anywhere,” says Laura Landers, owner of UOE. “Neighborhoods, parking lots, community parks, sporting venues, colleges – anywhere that a customer wants to setup a drive-in movie night – we can make it happen.”

UOE also offers something that stationary drive-ins can’t offer, though, and that’s a daytime drive-in with a super-bright mobile LED screen.

“Having the ability to start movies well before sunset is something that traditional projection screens simply can’t do, and it lets us start movies earlier, which is perfect for families with young children that don’t want to start a movie after 8 PM.”

With larger and completely weatherproof screens — accommodating more vehicles to show films rain or shine, day or night — UOE is helping communities to gather safely in their vehicles for a bit of old-school style fun and family entertainment.