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The Top 5 Luxury Baseball Hats as Seen in the HBO Series Succession

The Top 5 Luxury Baseball Hats as Seen in the HBO Series Succession

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The Top 5 Luxury Baseball Hats as Seen in the HBO Series Succession

HBO’s critically acclaimed series “Succession” has captivated audiences, not just through its gripping narrative, but also with the way it showcases the Roys’ conspicuous wealth and sophisticated taste. Amongst an array of well-tailored suits and extravagant accessories, a rather unexpected item has emerged as a symbol of the show’s ‘quiet luxury’: the discreetly stylish baseball cap. This unbranded accessory, frequently donned by the characters, has quickly found its place in the mainstream fashion culture, subtly blending luxury and anonymity. Now often termed a “Succession cap,” this signature Roy family accessory has garnered global fascination, leading many to seek out similar pieces that exude the same elegance without necessarily breaking the bank.

Let’s delve deeper into the top five ‘Succession caps’ that have piqued the most interest and buzz.

The Top 5 Luxury Baseball Hats as Seen in the HBO Series Succession

1. Loro Piana Cashmere Baseball Cap

Kendall Roy, with his enigmatic charm, frequently chooses to wear Loro Piana’s cashmere baseball cap. This Italian luxury brand is renowned for its high-quality cashmere and wool products, with this particular hat being no exception. Crafted from soft, resilient cashmere and featuring an adjustable leather strap for an ideal fit, this cap exudes a quiet, confident luxury. 

Succession’s costume designer Michelle Matland told the Wall Street Journal in a 2021 interview that, as she sees it, the absence of a logo on Kendall Roy’s baseball caps says “there’s no relevant team but…team Me.”

  • Price: $605 USD
  • Where to Buy: Loro Piana’s official website

2. Prada Nylon Baseball Cap – Roman Roy

Roman Roy turned heads with Prada’s Nylon Baseball Cap in season 2. It’s simple, minimalist design with the iconic Prada logo embroidered on the front, adds a touch of elegance to the classic baseball hat.

Price: $390
Where to buy: Prada’s official website or high-end retailers like Neiman Marcus.

3. Moncler Logo-Embroidered Twill Baseball Cap – Shiv Roy

Shiv Roy, known for her sleek and androgynous style, sported the Moncler Logo-Embroidered Twill Baseball Cap. The luxurious twill fabric and the understated yet prominent Moncler logo make this hat a statement piece.

Price: $170
Where to buy: Moncler’s official website or luxury online outlets like Net-A-Porter.

4. Burberry Vintage Check Baseball Cap – Tom Wambsgans

Tom Wambsgans donned Burberry’s Vintage Check Baseball Cap, a tribute to the brand’s rich heritage. The signature Burberry check pattern gives this hat a classy, vintage vibe.

Price: $350
Where to buy: Burberry’s official website or high-end retailers like Nordstrom.

5. Saint Laurent Embroidered Logo Canvas Cap – Connor Roy

Connor Roy was seen with the Saint Laurent Embroidered Logo Canvas Cap. With its straightforward design and clean, crisp lines, this hat exhibits luxury in a low-key, effortless way.

Price: $275
Where to buy: Saint Laurent’s official website or luxury department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue.


The “Succession” characters may be ruthless in their quest for power, but their style is indisputable. These luxury baseball hats represent just one of the many ways they express their opulence. Now you can incorporate a piece of the Roy family’s style into your very own wardrobe.

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