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The Pursuitist in Paris, Cannes and Cognac… #CANNES

The Pursuitist in Paris, Cannes and Cognac… #CANNES

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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We’re en route to the Cannes Film Fest. Waiting to board our flight, hanging at ICE at O’Hare (vodka and charcuterie — cheers!)… Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates

First up, we’re heading to Nice and taking in the Cannes Film Fest — and can’t wait to hang with director Alexander Payne (see press release below). Dinner, celebs, movies and drinks…

After that, we’re heading to Cognac for an exclusive visit to Louis XIII’s Maison… After that, on to Paris for amazing museums, shops, drinks and dinner — and staying at Hotel Jules…

As mentioned, follow us on Twitter for the latest updates from France

LOUIS XIII® Cognac, the world’s most esteemed spirit from the House of Rémy Martin®, official supplier of the Cannes Film Festival, created an exciting partnership last year with The Film Foundation, the leading non-profit organization dedicated to film preservation founded by Martin Scorsese.
“Much like the time, finesse and care it takes to create a rare, luxurious spirit such as LOUIS XIII, so does film preservation. Film is at the heart of the American and French Cultures and both film and cognac require a high degree of talent and craftsmanship to create excellence.” said Augustin Depardon, LOUIS XIII Global Brand Director.
Filmmakers and LOUIS XIII are known for their shared purpose of creating works of great artistry and lasting heritage. If they both strive for excellence, aware that excellence alone will stand the test of time, they also share a visionary spirit. To The Film Foundation and LOUIS XIII, preserving the past is acting for the future. The partnership between The Film Foundation and LOUIS XIII helps reaffirm the role of cinema as a bridge between different generations and different cultures. No matter what nationality a filmmaker or how personal their story, a great film will be universally understood.
On May 23rd during the 65th Cannes Film Festival, a unique one-hour conversation titled “East Meets West”, will take place at the Majestic Beach with American director and Academy Award® winner Alexander Payne, member of the Board of The Film Foundation, and one of the most acclaimed and honored Hong Kong directors, Stanley Kwan.
Coming from different horizons, these two world-renowned filmmakers will share their thoughts on cinema, discuss their journey and answer questions.
To highlight the quality in LOUIS XIII, that inspires creativity, Stanley Kwan will bring his own “touch” to the “East Meets West” conversation by revealing in avant-premiere his new directorial webisode, featuring Zhuang Yong, a Chinese freestyle gold-medal winner at the Barcelona Olympic Games.