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The Overhead Compartment with Ejspeaks

The Overhead Compartment with Ejspeaks


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Every day, more and more people, from YouTube to Instagram, are discovering Ejspeaks, a highly talented and super funny comedienne, who banters about everything from marriage and kids to work and everyday occurrences.  Her tone and lightheartedness are so infectious, even her husband cannot resist getting in on the act. The Overhead Compartment was excited to socially distance and talk with Ejspeaks about comedy, quarantine life and the social media accounts that are rocketing her to stardom.

***Editor’s note: This interview was conducted prior to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent protests across the nation. The Overhead Compartment reached out to Ejspeaks for additional comment:

“As we often repeat Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s quote, “An injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere”, let us be reminded that the fight for justice lies on the shoulders of us all. Racial inequality is a real and present plague, that had infected this country since the beginning. At this point, people are just tired of being infected. The plague is real, and the cure is the work. Let’s get honest and let’s get busy.” – Ejspeaks 

The Overhead Compartment with Ejspeaks begins now

OC: You are a comedienne, actor and writer and taking Youtube and Instagram by storm. Take me through a normal day in your busy life.

EJ: A normal day in my life consists of Momming and Wifeing, AS WELL AS still working a 9-5. The ultimate goal is to star in a few movies, do a Netflix know the normal stuff. lol! But until then, it is real life first and then social media afterwards. I honestly believe that my crazy life is what keeps those videos coming, so in that aspect, I’m appreciative of the crazy.

OC: How has quarantine life changed your routine?

EJ: It has completely rocked my world! I realize that I work so much better in chaos; this free time has confused my creativity. I’m pushing through though! I think.

OC: How can great comedy come from a challenging time like this?

EJ: In my opinion, life is always the best prerequisite for storytelling. During this time I’ve saved more money than ever, showing me that my budgeting is trash. I’ve spent more time with my family than ever, and I realized-I don’t really like them! Lol! And the content from that alone, has been pretty amazing.

OC: How would you describe the way social media impacts everything you do?

EJ: Social Media is my resume, it’s my newsletter, and it’s my point of reference. I connect, I make money, I take a few wins, and definitely take some losses. Social Media is of great value to me, but I make sure to keep it separate from the real me. And I try not to be consumed with the numbers or the likes. I remind myself that “people like you, until they don’t”, so it’s important that I keep social media at a balanced level.

OC: Your husband Mr. FJ has also made appearances on your social media, how did that start?

EJ: It started when I needed the room to record. He wouldn’t leave out of the room, so I gave him a part. lol!! FJ is the best partner in the world. I share my crazy with him and every time, he’s down for it. It’s fun having him help and push me!

OC: People must ask you to “be funny” all the time. When they do, what is your standard response?

EJ: People at my job normally say things like “Make me laugh, I’m sad”. I never show them, but I’m immediately offended. Mainly because I’m at work, and that’s not Ejspeaks time, but also because they could just subscribe to my youtube channel and get a few chuckles, otherwise you’ll need to pay for the chuckles. Random- do people even chuckle anymore? We’ve been locked up for 178565264 days, I think everyone just kinda sobs these days.

OC: Who makes you laugh?

EJ: I can find laughter in just about anything; I really need to grow up. I keep putting it on my agenda of things to do, but I never get to it. Le sigh.

OC: You studied criminal justice and business, if you weren’t in your current career what would you most like to have done?

EJ: Turns out I’m an expert at wasting my education. Before I completed my education, I got my first real job at a hospital in my hometown. I was a registration clerk. I finished my education but had, by then, put a few years into the medical side, and just decided to stay there. I AM STILL THERE. I have worked everywhere, from the emergency room, oncology, urology, and everything in between. But honestly, despite the education or career history, there is no job that I’d rather have, than entertaining. NONE

OC: What is your favorite city to visit?

EJ: I haven’t traveled much, so I’ll just say the city with the least amount of mosquitos.

OC: What do you most love to do there?

EJ: EAT. Where is the best restaurant?!

OC: First thing you do when arriving at a hotel in your room?

EJ: Use the bathroom. In your thirties, your bladder turns to trash; quite disappointing, really.

OC: Complete the following sentence: I never leave home without

EJ: My bra. I’ve had a few inconvenient situations without one. NEVER AGAIN.

Ejspeaks, please use care upon departure as items may have shifted in The Overhead Compartment during our journey. Thanks for choosing us for your travel tips! Have a wonderful day!