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The Many Faces Of One Manhattan Square

The Many Faces Of One Manhattan Square

One Manhattan Square, a skyscraper on the Lower East Side, began opening for residents earlier this year. To create model residences, designer Anna Karlin created 1o different personas of potential residents. From the “Young Entrepreneur” who loves to entertain, the “Luxe Family” who refuses to let their growing brood dampen their sense of style, or the “Instagrammer” who collects eccentric, beautiful treasures from her world travels, each apartment has a unique story to tell.

The residences each have their own cool factor, below are the ten archetypes.

“The Instagrammer”: A museum of artifacts, a very natural curation of a well-traveled eye. Everything you see, touch and hear has a story to tell.

“The Urban Gardener”: Hidden amongst the concrete jungle, we find an oasis, a secret paradise. Light spills from windows into this nest, revealing a unity between domesticity and nature.

“Private Quarters”: Polite grandeur touches every corner of this space and gives us a brief glimpse into the unknown life of this mysterious and elusive character.

“The Luxe Family”: This career couple has just had their first child and life is as chic as it always was. They seek quality in everything they buy and are unapologetic about their success.

“The Retail Queen”: She’s all about the labels and what’s hot now, and her home is an extension of her happy place: the luxury retail boutique.

“A Place For Entertaining”: Bright whites and pops of color spark your imagination as you gaze over the water. Inviting soft furnishings play with clean lines at this home of a young entrepreneur.

“The Young Family”: This successful couple and their teenager make an impactful trio. Their interior reflects their cultured life in New York and elevated aesthetic.

“The Empty Nesters”: This is their time to focus on themselves and the life they deserve. The worries of 9 to 5 are over and they have moved back to the city to enjoy all it offers.

“Less is More”: Soft wood edges move effortlessly into each other among whites and creams. A comfortable silence hums throughout with clear lines of vision and open rooms.

“The Tech Giant”: This contemporary space revolves around functionality and experience—design has everything under control.