The Macallan distillery is known for their ultra-high-end whiskeys. According to a press release from the distillery, the Macallan has produced the ten most expensive whiskeys ever sold at auction; this includes a 64-year-old bottle of Scotch that sold in 2010 for a staggering $460,000. With that in mind, the distillery’s latest release seems eminently affordable: a 65-year-old, $35,000 bottle of Scotch known as the ‘Peerless Spirit.’

This Scotch might also be a something of a steal due to its unique glass decanter. The Macallan teamed up with crystal house Lalique in order to produce this stunning whiskey that is as visually pleasing as it is pleasing to the other senses. This is just the latest collaboration between the two companies which have been producing collector’s items together since 2005. The decanter design for the Peerless Spirit resembles an antique perfume bottle: its round shape and cut glass stopper give it a simultaneously delicate and imposing look. As for the Scotch itself, it is everything you would expect to come from such a bottle. According to Craig Bridger, National Brand Ambassador for The Macallan, the whiskey tastes of “intense wood, spice and spiraling smoke. Pencil shavings with honey and thick vanilla that spreads on the palate. An incredibly long finish and unforgettable.”