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The Great Gatsby revives the 1920s inspired hairstyles

The Great Gatsby revives the 1920s inspired hairstyles

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The Great Gatsby wave is swelling and has taken over everything related to fashion. Taking us back to the 1920 era, the movie has bought the vintage inspired look back with Gatsby-ish style, especially reflecting  sophisticated costumes, striking makeup and elegant hairstyles! The fashion world is undergoing transformation as Gatsby fever rises high. Daisy Buchanan (played by Carey Mulligan) is an attractive and bubbly flapper who has set the ball of retro fashion rolling by luring today’s trendsetters to the 1920’s look! Gatsby inspired hairstyles are certainly topping the charts as the seasons’ most sought after trend.



Care to sport blunt/faux bobs, waves, strong fringes, soft curls and vintage hair accessories? Ideal to go well with the season, the 1920s-inspired hairstyles are here to stay.


If you can dare to snip off the length of your tresses and go for a short bob, then just elegantly style them with head/hair accessories like tiaras, bejeweled bows and headbands.


The waves need more attention with blow-dry styling and barrettes as well as bob-pins can help to keep them in place.


Gels can help to keep the hair from flying!



Ladies, it’s time to fling the straightening irons out and dig out the rollers, curlers and curling rods from your closet.