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The $500,000 Cinderella Shoe debuts in the land of the Hobbits

The $500,000 Cinderella Shoe debuts in the land of the Hobbits

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The Hobbits had as much to do with the creation of this marvelous shoe as the fairy godmother – absolutely nothing. This product, like any other fairy tale is the result of human ingenuity rather than magic. This diamond encrusted shoe has actually sold for this staggering amount, thus clearly setting it apart from other products that are merely priced high by their makers in the hopes of getting some free publicity, but which usually never end up getting sold.

Created by footwear specialist Kathryn Wilson (from Auckland – New Zealand) along with Sarah Hutchings who represented Orsini Fine Jewellery, the one of a kind shoe is a classic court heeled shoe. The art piece (one can scarcely call it footwear given that it is a single shoe studded with more than half a million dollars worth of white diamonds) has been sold at an auction to raise money and awareness for the Ronald McDonald House program.

The shoe took hours of painstaking effort with tweezers and a special adhesive that Stuff.nz describes as ‘surgeon like effort’. The final effort pictured above came at the cost of bruised and bloody fingers for the designer who is albeit thrilled with the shoe claiming that it appeals to the princess inside of her as it would to most girls in the world.

No details were released about the buyer who has preferred to remain anonymous. Perhaps the ‘prince’ who did end up purchasing the shoe wants to surprise his ‘Cinderella’ with it?

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The shoe went for auction while placed in a special perspex box made especially for it while guarded at all times by two security guards. The shoe which was auctioned in Auckland, New Zealand was also the most expensive shoe ever produced in NZ or the land of the Hobbits.

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