Displaying a sleek and minimal loft–style design, this amazing Santorini holiday retreat currently replaces an old factory. The result of a challenging restoration process, Villa Fabrica pays tribute to traditional Greek architecture, while also offering tourists a chance to see industrial elements embedded in its exquisite interior design.

Architect Yannis Kaklamanis describes his work as follows: ” The masonry construction determines the form and size of the spaces as well as the way they relate spatially. Domes, arches, thick walls, small windows compose the distinguished vernacular complex geometry and form of the buildings. The typological unit which makes up the fabric of Pyrgos is evident in the strict spatial organization of the complex with its protected courtyard and the various spaces built around it, allowing an almost theatrical reading of the space while creating a sense of increased privacy and introversion.”

With extraordinary views, a lovely Cycladic architecture, an intimate swimming pool and originally designed interiors, the villa will certainly appeal to anyone interested in experiencing life on a dreamy Greek Island. A stay here is rated from €1215 – 2835 per night, depending on the season.