AK47, a renowned Italian design house, keeps catering to people with innovative fireplace ideas that capture one’s imagination too easily. Yet again the company has designed a unique fireplace called Tripee that invites you to enjoy coming winters in your backyard. It is more of a contemporary fire pit and can be readily installed in outdoor spaces such as the garden or rooftop terrace. This might just give you a reason to call friends over to your place at weekends for cozy, warm, and comfortable parties.

Elegantly designed fire pit stands are 3 meters tall whereas the fire bowl that measures 1.2 meters in diameter floats freely in midair with the help of thin metal strings attached to the stands. The unique tripod stand having rustic finish makes it look classier. With finest of materials used in its creation the lovely fireplace created by the design house is priced at $1500.

Another innovative design that you could try in your backyard is the Zero outdoor fireplace which is quite opposite in design when compared with Tripee. It rests on the floor with the help of three sturdy metal legs and boasts a storage space for wood logs too. Well, both of these fireplaces will be a perfect addition to your outdoor spaces while cherishing your happy moments together.