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Sweet Suites: A Dom Perignon Stocked Wine Cave at New York Palace

Sweet Suites: A Dom Perignon Stocked Wine Cave at New York Palace

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New York Palace has done it again. First they bring us the Ultimate Proposal and now they’re unveiling the Champagne Suite, another over-the-top experience for guests seeking something extraordinary on their next trip to NYC.

The $25,000-a-night suite seamlessly melds modern and classic design with panoramic views of midtown Manhattan, but that’s not what has us all atwitter. It’s the Dom Perignon-stocked champagne wine cave located just off the main parlor.

That’s right. Get ready to pop some bottles, because this is the only hotel of its kind in the city with a fully-stocked wine cave.

Of course, the triplex suite, located in the Towers section of the hotel, features a few other notable amenities, one of only two wood burning fireplaces in the city, the oversized outdoor terrace with custom Jacuzzi spa, and Maybach house car service. Think that’s not enough? The suite boasts a massive 5,000 square feet of space, a private elevator, 10-seat dining room, and two-story black and white walls created by famous French artists A&M Tatoueurs de Murs.

Of course, find time to just admire the suite’s decor (top firm HOK handled the interiors) as well — the wine theme continues in second floor inspired by the distinct colors of champagne varietals, a Master Bedroom influenced by Chardonnay with colors of ecru, cream and amber, and a guest bedroom in a more robust Pinot Noir hue, all glistening reds and tinted silvers accented with warm copper and deep ruby hues.

For $25k per night, you can pretty much ask for anything and the hotel’s staff will find a way to make it happen, but we’d suggest a wine-focused itinerary, like a private meal prepared en-suite with paired champagne for each course, or a custom engraved champagne bottle to celebrate a special occasion.

Anyone want to go halvsies on this one with us?

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