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Swarovski Crystals Adorning World’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience

Swarovski Crystals Adorning World’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Experience

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Chocolate lovers everywhere, prepare for a scrumptious and opulent treat! Believed to be the world’s most luxurious chocolate experience, this extravagantly wrapped box in the photos below comes from a company called “The Chocolate” and promises to hide within an unforgeable taste.

The Chocolate company produces “luxury truffles”, with carefully selected ingredients. The cacao beans are said to be “borrowed” from the experience of a small artisan chocolate maker,  located just outside Pisa, Tuscany and are 63% black chocolate. Even though the entire ingredient mix is a secret, champaign is also used to fill the truffles, and quite a lot of it. This is because the producers believe that a  ‘champagne truffle’ should be just that. To top it all-literally- each truffle is adorned with 24 karat edible gold flakes.

As far as the wrapping is concerned, no compromises were made in terms of opulence. The tiny chocolate boxes feature encrusted Swarovski crystals that shine on, even after the chocolate is finished. As far as money is concerned, the package is priced at $294. The Boutique Box has no less than 450 Swarovski Crystals and is a perfect collector’s piece once the thrill of enjoying the world’s most luxurious chocolate experience is diminished.

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