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Playboy’s 25 greatest cars of all time

Playboy’s 25 greatest cars of all time

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Playboy, perhaps the epitome of testosterone-driven tastemaking, has released its pick of the greatest cars of all time.

The magazine, which regularly features motoring news and interviews, compiled the list of its favorite models of all time for the May issue, now on US newsstands.

Playboy has a long tradition when it comes to cars — it’s presented a new car to Playmate of the Year every year since 1964 and compiles annual roundups of its favorite new releases in the December edition every year.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the list is packed with two-seat sports cars, muscle cars, racing cars and a few classics from years gone past — editors Ken Gross and A.J. Baime picked models dating back to the 1940s, before Playboy’s founding in 1953.

Motoring bloggers were divided on the quality of the list, with Motor Authority noting the absence of the Lotus Elan and Plymouth Barracuda despite the inclusion of their successors but concluding “it’s not our list, but it isn’t entirely wrong, either.”

Autoblog was less impressed, however, advising fans to “judge a list such as this based more on how it reflects the personality of the publication” and describing the picks as “generic”.

Playboy’s 25 Greatest Cars of All Time

1. Ferrari GTO
2. Porsche 911
3. Shelby Cobra
4. Jaguar E-Type
5. Mercedes-Benz Gullwing
6. McLaren F1
7. Chevrolet Corvette
8. Aston Martin DB5
9. Lamborghini Miura
10. BMW 507
11. Lamborghini Countach
12. Jaguar XK120
13. Ferrari 275 GTB/4
14. MG TC
15. Ford Shelby Mustang
16. Chevrolet Camaro
17. Ferrari 458 Italia
18. Datsun/Nissan Z
19. Chrysler 300
20. Pontiac GTO
21. Mazda Miata
22. VW Beetle
23. Chevrolet Bel Air
24. BMW 2002
25. Pontiac Firebird Trans Am