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Support Katniss – The $999 Mocking Bird Pin

Support Katniss – The $999 Mocking Bird Pin

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Katniss Everdeen. Hero of the masses. Face of the Rebellion. And now, the luxury pin-up star for an unlikely store – Target. In anticipation of the DVD release of the first movie (the story was played out over three books as shall the movies), Target has announced gold replicas of the mocking bird pin that defined Katniss in the Hunger Games.

Priced at $999, its something that only die-hard Katniss Everdeen fans would buy, but we are sure that there are plenty of them. The limited edition pins are not the only official merchandise that Target plans on having. Also to be sold alongside are the leather jacket that Katniss wears in the Games ($349) and signed lithographs signed by ten Hunger Games cast members, including Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson.

Despite the price, the mocking-bird pins sound like an awesome buy. Made of 14 karat gold, they are handsomely crafted to depict the mocking-bird holding an arrow as seen above. Only 100 of these pins are to be sold nationwide. These shall be available for sale online (I assume from the Target website) from August 20th onwards. Though given the amount of interest the movie and books have generated, my bet is on them being sold out within the hour.

And just in case you do not reside on Earth or for some other extra-ordinary reason have not heard of the Hunger Games, I am including the official trailer down below.

P.S. IMHO, while the movie was good, the books were fantastic and a must read if you wish to do justice to Katniss. Target does sell the books too, simply ask for the Hunger Games trilogy if you want to know what the brouhaha is all about. If you really do fall in love with Katniss, like the rest of us then you may want to buy this Barbie edition of Katniss too!


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