Silver and wood combine in a modern, simple and elegant design: the Periodic Table designed by industrial design company specializing in lifestyle product development – One & Co – and manufactured by Council Design. Emphasizing the connection between superficiality and authenticity, the silver-coated coffee table you can admire in the photos is striking and imposing, creating a glamorous atmosphere around it.

As the designers’ philosophy states, they create memorable products. The Periodic Table is one of those splendid pieces of furniture that balances the characteristics of  both surface and substance, creating a unique feeling with its presence. Made from a massive block of reclaimed douglas fir coated with a sparkling layer of silver, the Periodic Table displays an interesting design. Although it is elegant and robust, the wood underneath the silver coating remains unaltered in shape and texture. Measuring 44 x 44 inches and 12 inches in height, the table is best suited for homes that lack an interesting focal point.