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Shawish Presents The Most Expensive Edible Easter Egg At Harrods

Shawish Presents The Most Expensive Edible Easter Egg At Harrods

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Geneva based high-end jewelry brand, Shawish has unveiled the most expensive edible Easter egg at Harrods. Exclusive to the jewel in England’s retail crown, the Shawish Easter Surprise is not just any ordinary chocolate egg. Sporting a $46,500 tag, this Easter egg encloses a stunning piece of wearable jewelry.

Easter_Egg_Shawish_mainHandcrafted by Geneva’s award-winning chocolatier Philippe Pascoët, this super-expensive Easter egg is made of the finest chocolate blended with intricate, handmade, 65% Venezuelan chocolate ornaments. At that price, expect it to shine with gold dust on the outer surface. Be careful to dig deeper with your teeth as the edible goody encloses a pendant dangling from a 18-ct white gold necklace. The delightful Easter egg doesn’t need any incubating process to reveal the jewel from Shawish’s magic mushroom collection. Also each such egg shaped jewel case can be customized too. Buyers with deep pockets can opt for purple velour, gold blush or diamond dust finish on the chocolate and also add a personal greeting inside as well as outside.

Easter_Egg_Shawish_1Mohamed Shawesh, Founder and Designer, stated that ‘The Egg hunt at Harrods London is like celebrating the sweet taste of Easter with a magical touch and a dazzling surprise. Shawish is the agent provocateur of the Haute Joaillerie, centered around storytelling, desires and Alice in Wonderland.’

Easter_Egg_Shawish_harrodsSuch a Easter creation transports us back to our childhood and make us look at the world with a renewed sense of wonder. The jewelry reflects Mohamed Shawesh’s signature style to create magical marvels that tell a story and deliver a message. The brand has succeeded in breaking new boundaries that makes their customers feel like they have stepped inside a fantasy world.

The  Shawish Easter Surprise is an edible luxury, full of emotion and rarity. It will be available exclusively at Harrods, London.