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Send Your Little Ones to Mermaid School in North Carolina

Send Your Little Ones to Mermaid School in North Carolina

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School’s out of the summer, except when you’re visiting Sanderling Resort in coastal Carolina’s Outer Banks. But don’t worry, the subject matter is one your kids will be excited to learn.

Every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the summer season, hour-long sessions (just $49) will offer instruction t0 budding mermaids and mer-men in mastering a variety of mermaid swimming techniques and tricks.

The class includes a tail fitting and rental, how to put on, remove, and care properly for a mermaid tail, instruction on breath control, fluid dolphin kick techniques to move through the water gracefully, tail smacking, hula hoop diving and mermaid posing and a variety of mermaid games and competitions.

For generations this quintessential coastal resort has lured families back summer after summer with its unique blend of comfortable coastal elegance and gracious Southern charm. Set on 13 unspoiled acres overlooking both Atlantic Ocean and Currituck Sound, Sanderling’s perfect positioned for water lovers and mermaids/mermen in the making. The new Mermaid School experience is offered through an exclusive partnership and on-property pop-up from recreation leader, Kitty Hawk Kites.

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