The colorful interiors of the San Pablo Group Corporate Offices in Mexico City, Mexico, were designed by studio Space Architecture and exude a casual, friendly atmosphere.

San Pablo Group Corporate Offices in Mexico

The reception area is a generously-sized modern space, defined by white floors and walls, plenty of artificial lighting, two stained-glass windows in blue tones with abstract graphics of medicines and a central green wall. Exposed pipes in the ceiling give the interior a genuine industrial touch.Next to the reception, there is a large corridor leading towards the working spaces, each of them individualized through design. Here is more from the architects: “On entering the large rooms you feel that the space is relaxed, spacious and open, dotted with casual collisions which have their own personalities setting them apart from each other and breaking up the sameness of the work areas. Variation of the pitch and intensity of the lighting generates different atmospheres as you pass through the spaces, lending identity to each area, very subtly framing the function of each space”. The project is registered with the USGBC, certifying its sustainability features.