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Phonotikal designs high-end clear wood turntable with vibration actuation technology

Phonotikal designs high-end clear wood turntable with vibration actuation technology

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Phonotikal, a small family run company that specializes in building up high-end turntable, has designed Clear Wood turntable which is ultra-class, luxurious, and appealing for the audiophiles to have. The father-son duo which basically handles all designs of Phonotikal has the rich experience that enables them to come up with so beautiful creations. They cater an entire classy collection that comprises of hand-mounted turntables. The components that have been used in the creation are of finest quality and origin. With the addition of vibration actuation technology, the clear wood turntable is unique and matchless in design and audio output.

The clear wood turntable can easily be configured to the maximum of 3 actuators. The base is formed by using acrylate and stainless steel. Altogether, the plates of the turntable assort to look white and transparent in color with integration of 6 kg duralumin plate. Balance of the turntable is ensured by the uniquely designed feet that are three in number. Upon a close look more of stability is observed which can be credited to the cylindrical weights that have been integrated to the turntable system. It can thus be actuated to 3 actuators. The shaft is completed with the help of ceramic ball. The weight plates that are approximately 5.4 kg in weight have a double metal sheathing so as to reduce the vibration and are placed out of the turntable. One more additional design aspect which makes the clear wood turntable lesser noisy is the quiet and efficient 16V ac synchronous motor. The fluctuation frequency of the turntable is eliminated by the usage of Speed Box II supply.

So, if you like this high-end turntable design and go for adding it to your possessions, then there is just one small thing that you need to know i.e. never wash this with any form of alcohol or spirit.

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