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Rose Gold’s Fashion Moment Comes To Interior Design

Rose Gold’s Fashion Moment Comes To Interior Design

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One of the biggest fashion trends over the past year or so has been rose gold. The pinky hue has become popular not just in jewelry and watches but also in clothing, shoes, and beauty products. It’s even been spotted on phones and sunglasses. Rose gold’s warm tones blend well with a variety of other colors and also tend to flatter the skin. As often happens in fashion, what once seemed dated, now seems suddenly au courant.

Is rose gold more than just a trend destined to last a season? Fixtures maker Donnbracht hopes so. The luxury maker of bath and kitchen faucets has created Cyprum, a new line with a rose gold finish. The name comes from the Latin word cuprum, meaning copper. It is copper added to gold that lends the alloy its unique glow. The Cyprum copper and gold finish is an 18-carat patina with a non-corrosive electroplated surface. Donnbracht doesn’t make decisions lightly, this is their first new finish to be launched since 2009.Prices start at $3,075 for a single-lever bath mixer and $2,519 for a single-lever kitchen mixer.

For those interested in making a less dramatic statement with rose gold there are a variety of other options, from rose gold leather woven pillows to lamps, pendant lights, and drawer pulls. It tends to work best as an accent rather than as the lead color in a room. It plays particularly well with some of the softer neutrals, especially those that tend toward warmer tones such as a pinkish beige or a soft dove gray. Chocolate brown and dark leather can also provide contrast and prevent the rose gold from seeming too dainty.