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Reyka Vodka from Iceland

Reyka Vodka from Iceland

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Smooth, clean and pure. That’s what you’ll find with small-batch Reyka vodka.

Reyka is the first vodka distilled in Iceland, using geothermic steam to power the distillery – making Reyka a truly ‘green’ spirit.

When you taste Reyka vodka, you’ll be amazed at how little there is to taste. In a world where vodka is being ‘flavored’ in a dozens of new ways everyday, Reyka is clean, pure and smooth. You find bare floral hints, and a whiff of vanilla. It is extraordinary how clean Reyka comes across.

The key to Reyka is the following three elements – a rare Carter Head still, used to remove impurities, lava rocks collected from a local volcanic fields used to filter the spirit, and pure Icelandic spring water.

Reyka is distilled from wheat and barley.

Due to how clean Reyka is, this is a great vodka for providing a base for your favorite cocktails. It won’t intrude on the other elements you add, making it a perfect host.

Reyka recently was the top prize winner for the premium vodka category at the annual International Wine and Spirits Competition in London.

A bottle of Reyka will cost about $25, although it can difficult to find in some areas.

It’s a wonderful vodka for those who like to support ‘green’ products – and even better for those who want a smooth, clean taste.

We also have to give Reyka props for some great TV spots.