It’s nice to see that good modern design has penetrated every aspect in our life – from furniture, homes, commercial spaces, parks and landmarks to churches. Today we would like to show you how important a carefully designed space is even for our spiritual and religious dimension. The Mei Li Zhou Church in Hangzhou, in Eastern China, displays a minimalist design and a welcoming exterior architecture, set in natural surroundings. Designed by Tsushima Design Studio, the church is meant to be a spiritual retreat for the community regardless of religious beliefs.

White and red flowers on both sides of the pathway and large staircase leading up to the church accentuates the way spiritual people must take to reach the interiors of this beautifully designed place. Created as an equilateral triangle that symbolizes the Trinity, the remarkable building is prepared to offer more than peace – it offers inspiration. Efficiency, comfort, detailed design lines and extensive use of wood create a soothing environment inside the establishment, welcoming everyone and creating a unified sense of community.