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Qatar’s Hamad International Airport Opens As The World’s Most Luxurious

Qatar’s Hamad International Airport Opens As The World’s Most Luxurious

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Going by the record, Qatar is the world’s richest country per capita and has the highest human development in the Arab World. And lately, the Arab country has upped the notch by offering a world-class airport experience. Qatar’s new airport, Hamad International is touted to be the world’s most luxurious. What can fliers and visitors expect when billions have been invested in remodeling the terminal in the most extravagant style? The oil-rich nation redefines the expectations from the new airport.Hamad_Airport_Doha_Qatar_gold_counterWhile bling can be seen in form of gold-plated coffee kiosks, shopoholic fliers can indulge in over 80 designer stores and shops like Au Gold Boutique that sell precious metals too.

Hamad_Airport_Doha_Qatar_shopping Hamad_Airport_Doha_Qatar_shopping_armaniArmani, Burberry, Chanel, Hermes, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co. and Harrods are just a few of the names that can give a glimpse of the extravagant shopping experience at the dispose of the travelers.

Hamad_Airport_Doha_Qatar_hotel_roomTired travelers can check in at the Airport Hotel that offers premium hospitality without leaving the passenger terminal. It boasts of a private 1,400-square foot Presidential Suite along with other suites and rooms that can be rented for as little as three hours.

Hamad_Airport_Doha_Qatar_hotel_poolSoak in the lap of luxury with a spa-inspired indoor pool that overlooks the departing and arriving planes.

Hamad_Airport_Al_Mourjan_Business_Class_LoungeOther luxurious alternative to the in-airport-hotel is the 33,000-square foot Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge. The multi-level lounge features shower rooms, quiet rooms with beds, meeting rooms, two restaurants as well as a game room. The children’s play room comes with a full-size replica of a Formula One racing car.

Hamad_Airport_Doha_Qatar_Le Grand_ComptoirThe terminal is also home to over 30 restaurants, including Le Grand Comptoir.

Hamad_Airport_qatar_games_room hamad_international_airport_3 Hamad_Airport_Doha_Qatar_godivaThe passenger terminal showcases a fascinating selection of art, curated in partnership with Qatar Museums Authority. The artworks are a mix of acquired pieces, plus others created specially for the airport.

hamad_international_airport_art hamad_international_airport_3While Qatari artist Faraj Duham was commissioned to create large-scale murals, artist Ali Hassan produced a desert horse sculpture.

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Hamad_Airport_Doha_Qatar_teddy_bear_lampThe Lamp Bear by Swiss artist Urs Fischer sits at the center of the airport.

hamad_international_airport_2Take a look at ten more reasons to appreciate the over-the-top airport that is home to five-star airline Qatar Airways –

  • The airport can welcome 30 million passengers a year which will soon rise to 50 million.
  • Of the two runways, the western one is the eighth longest in the world (4850 metres).
  • Every hour 100 take-off and landing movements are possible which calculates up to five planes every three minutes.
  • The 600,000 sq metres passenger terminal is Qatar’s biggest building.
  • The check-in hall alone is 25,000 sq metres of airy, column-free space.
  • It has an incredible 138 check-in counters. 14 of these are styled as private booths (for Qatar Airways First Class passengers).
  • The maintenance hangar is the world’s largest and can take up to 13 aircraft at once.
  • This is the first airport ever designed specifically for the A380.
  • The baggage handling system can handle 5000 bags an hour, or 120,000 a day.
  • During construction over 6.2 million cubic metres of waste material was removed, desalinated and used as landfill – the Gulf’s largest such environmental project.Hamad_International_Airport_airel_view

Hamad International Airport Via Daily Mail

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