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Moab Race Camp Q&A with Trek Travel President Tania Worgull

Moab Race Camp Q&A with Trek Travel President Tania Worgull

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Tania Worgull
Tania Worgull
Tania Worgull, President of Trek Travel, did a Q&A about the company and their latest offering – the Moab Ride Camp. Trek Travel, based in Madison, Wisconsin, is the bicycle touring arm of Trek. The company offers luxury, economy, and personalized bicycling vacations and Ride Camps around the world.

Tania is a Wisconsin native and a graduate of Marquette. She cycles to work (when weather permits), averaging 150-200 miles a week on her Trek bike.

Pursuitist: Let’s start with Trek Travel. There are a lot of cycling tours and camps. Why pick Trek Travel?

Tania Worgull: It’s simple really, we are born of Trek Bicycles and having been running the best cycling vacations around the world for the past 10 years. This connection offers benefits that are exclusive to Trek Travel guests like industry leading bikes, exclusive access to professional cyclists, and huge dealer network to get our guests prepared for their vacation.

Unlike our rivals, we include the use of a full carbon Trek Domane road bike with every trip at no upcharge. Plus we have the largest range of bike options in the industry from the same bikes RadioShack Leopard Trek uses, the Madone, to electric assist bikes, to supremely comfortable and surprising light Trek FX hybrids.

We also realize how difficult travel can be to plan, so we have taken the extra step to guarantee our dates so our guests don’t have to worry about their trip being cancelled once they book.

moabPursuitist: Trek Travel’s new destination is the Moab Ride Camp. What are riders going to get out of the Moab camp that they won’t get anywhere else?

T.W.: First of all, it’s an incredible value to mountain bike for 5 days with full Trek Travel support, use of Trek’s brand new Remedy mountain bike, and lodging at the Gonzo Inn for only $1,199. Most people couldn’t organize a trip like this on their own for that price. Unless they slept in their car☺

Secondly, cyclists will be able to ride with the pros on select dates. Gary Fisher, mountain biking pioneer, and Pro couple, Jermey Horgan-Kobelski and Heather Irmiger, will lead some rides.

Lastly, Moab is synonymous with epic mountain biking and cyclists from around the world travel there for its unique experience. The classic rides like Amasa Back and the legendary Slickrock Trail are world-renowned, plus newer trails like Pipe Dream and the Moab Brand Trails really add to the diversity of the riding. Plus, Porcupine Rim is a mountain bikers’ perfect trail, offering stunning views of Castle Valley and thousands of feet of descending.

Pursuitist: How is the Moab camp different from other Trek Travel adventures?

T.W.: The Ride Camp is an experience unlike any other Trek Travel vacation. Designed with the independent cyclist in mind, our Moab Ride Camp allows the rider to focus on awesome riding every day. They are exposed to a variety of mountain biking trails in order to build confidence and skills for their off-road cycling goals. Plus with full Trek Travel support, it includes excellent value at a great price.

Q. What kind of rider should look at participating in the Moab Ride Camp?

T.W.: Those mountain bikers who are looking for an awesome adventure in the red rock, mountain biking mecca of Moab. It’s truly a bucket list vacation, where riders get to ride all the trails often mentioned in top mountain bike magazines and videos. They should have intermediate technical mountain bike skills and know their own abilities. They should know when to say when. They will be rewarded with stunning dessert vistas and some of the best mountain bike trails in the world.

Pursuitist: Tell us a bit about Gary Fisher, Heather Imerger and Jermey Horgan-Kobelski, the pros who will be part of the camp.

T.W.: Gary Fisher is considered one of the inventors of the modern mountain bike. He started competing in road and track races when he was 12. He’s the industry’s legend, having won the TransAlp race in Europe and Masters XC national title.

Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski has since raced in more than 30 countries, won 14 national mountain bike championships, stood on multiple World Cup and international podiums, and represented the US at the 2004 Olympics.

Along with her husband, Jeremy, Heather Irmiger is a world & national champion mountain bike athlete with Trek Factory Racing. She’s top-ranked as an international cross-country racer and this year, tackles a different segment of her sport – Enduro Mountain Bike Racing.

All three are part of the Trek Family.

Pursuitist: Participants are staying at the Gonzo Inn. What makes the Gonzo Inn such a great destination?

T.W.: The luxury of hotel accommodations are unique to Trek Travel Ride Camps; all others simply offer camping facilities.

The Gonzo Inn is perfectly situated one block from Main Street in downtown Moab, within walking distance of all the town’s shops and restaurants. It’s a trendy spot known for its eclectic ’70s and industrial era-inspired decor. After a day of rides, the hotel’s pool and hot tub are a welcome retreat and The Gonzo Inn makes an ideal home base for exploring the region by mountain bike.

Pursuitist: Trip participants will be using Trek Remedy 9 or Lush SL full suspension mountain bikes. Tell us about the bikes, and what makes them such an integral part of the adventure.

trek-bikersT.W.: Trek Remedy 9 Mountain Bike is the perfect trail mountain bike. It’s light frame, plush 150mm suspension, and precise handling all add up to a stellar technical trail bike that goes up, goes down, and can take anything Moab can throw at it.

Trek Lush SL Mountain Bike gives you the confident control and comfort that comes from dedicated women’s mountain bike geometry and revolutionary suspension. We know a good fit is important along with an excellent bike, and we feel the Lush SL is the prefect compliment to the Remedy.

Pursuitist: Trek Travel goes to quite a few locations around the world – are there any locations that you plan on adding in the future?

T.W.: We are changing our Cross Country route to go from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine and already have incredible interest. We are also adding new style of trip called our Villa Series, that will combine ultimate luxury services and gourmet meals, with world class cycling, all based in one stunning villa or resort.

We also brought in a new trip designer for our Race trips, and we have some exciting things in store for 2014.

Thanks to Trek Travel President Tania Worgull for taking part in our Q&A.

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