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Q3 Private Jet Charter Trends

Q3 Private Jet Charter Trends

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PrivateFly, the private jet travel global booking platform, released its July-September 2018 Private Jet Charter Trends report, which shows trends in the private jet world. With over 7,000 aircraft integrated worldwide, PrivateFly combines innovative technology with a team of 24/7 aviation experts.

One of the most surprising trends? An increase in private jet customers choose sleep over champagne. One would expect private jet fliers to want to savor every second of their lavish aviation experience, however, sleep is now a more coveted commodity for these travelers.

“For many of our customers, sleep is a bigger luxury than champagne and caviar. The ability to arrive feeling rested, recharged and ready to work or play is the goal when traveling,” said Adam Twidell, Founder and CEO of PrivateFly.

In today’s hectic world, sleep is hard to come by – especially when traveling. PrivateFly’s third quarter has seen an uptick in requests for private jets that accommodate flexible configurations, including seats that recline and convertible beds, in order to ensure a restful flight. For long flights, such as New York to London, a jet with a bed, like the Global 6000, is an investment worth making to avoid jet lag. Surprisingly, PrivateFly also found that guests traveling on shorter flights (such as the popular Silicon Beach to Silicon Valley route) are commonly seeking jets with beds. Instead of flying the typical turboprop or small jet for the shorter flight, PrivateFly saw guests book heavy jets such as the Challenger 604, which has a bed configuration option.

“When a PrivateFly client mentioned sleep was a top priority on a flight from Europe to Southeast Asia, we recommended he upgrade his usual jet choice to a Global 6000, which features an exceptionally comfortable double bed and a wider cabin. The larger jet allowed the client to enjoy a solid 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep,” said CEO Adam Twidell.

PrivateFly’s Private Jet Charter Trends is a quarterly publication by the global private jet booking service, based on thousands of flight searches and hundreds of flights every month. Other findings of note from the Q3 edition include:

  • Luxury travel hotspot Mykonos flew into PrivateFly’s top ten global destinations for the very first time, with London, Nice and Ibiza in the top three.
  • The top US travel destinations (in order): Las Vegas, NYC, LA, Nassau, Miami, Houston, San Jose, Costa Rica, Washington DC, San Diego, Adirondacks.
  • In the US, the Adirondack Mountains made the top ten travel destinations for the first time.
  • Due to their emerging business markets, PrivateFly found San Diego and Houston also made the top ten US destinations list.
  • 5% of flights had pets on board.
  • More clients booked further ahead to secure availability in the summer peak travel season, with 25% of flights booked 30+ days before departure.
  • 72% of private jet passengers were male.

  • The Citation XLS emerged as a favorite aircraft this quarter.

  • Saturday, August 4th was PrivateFly’s busiest day during Q3.

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