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Protect your iPhone 5 in a luxurious way with a $3000 Gresso Revolution bumper-case

Protect your iPhone 5 in a luxurious way with a $3000 Gresso Revolution bumper-case

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Gresso, a word renowned name in the luxury phone market, has created something that will make Apple fans really happy this holiday season. The luxury design house has unveiled the Revolution bumper-case for the iPhone 5. The exclusive design has been unveiled to compliment this year’s most anticipated offering from Apple, i.e., the iPhone 5. As we look at the design, we find that the design is not highlighted by too much of luxury but it’s surely a brilliant and exquisite creation that promises users unparalleled safety and functionality simultaneously. It is undoubtedly one of the best cases to have for your dearest upcoming handheld device.

The Revolution case, unlike metal bumpers, can be opened with a single move. The design does not infringe with the functionality of the iPhone and will let the users access the phone with an ease. Much proudly, the case design boasts patented technology to protect your iPhone 5 from unwanted wear and tear that no other case can provide.

This is the first metal bumper case for iPhone 5 to date and will not demand any extra assembling. The wonderful magnet lock system secures the upcoming iPhone well and the design is much ergonomic and style-laden. The limited edition case comes with a lifetime warranty and will be available for purchase this October at Gresso online store for an elegant price of US $3000.

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