Last week I had my family visit me in Paris. I was of course super stoked since I have missed them dearly. This also meant that I get to be a tourist for two days. It’s great, since I have been trying to pretend I am a local for a month now and to be honest, it’s pretty exhausting. Since we only had two days and my adorable nephew is in his “I’m one year old and I do things on my terms” stage, we limited ourselves to a couple of attractions. Day one – The Eiffel Tower. You might think that there is nothing luxurious about the Eiffel Tower. Well, and you are probably right. The crowds are never ending, even when there is a rainstorm (yes, there was one that day too). However, they do serve champagne there, which I think is fantastic. Of course, we got some, just to stay with the whole “French” theme. I say, if you are going to be a tourist, do it right.

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower is nicknamed La Dame De Fer? That’s Iron Lady. Me and the Eiffel totally have the same nicknames! Well, one thing is different between us – it was considered an eyesore when it was build in 1889. I, on the other hand, have always been pretty cute ( kiiiidiiinggg…!). We are both super strong and undefeated though! After our lovely day, and yes it took THE WHOLE day, we headed back to the apartment. But first we stopped to get baguettes, wine and cheese. Three things every tourist can get used to.