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Pave Bicycle Shop in Barcelona, Spain

Pave Bicycle Shop in Barcelona, Spain

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The resemblance between this contemporary bike store and a museum is striking. Envisioned by architect Joan Sandoval, Pave in Barcelona is definitely not your average bicycle store. All the items are properly emphasized on, with the help of back-lit compartments. Moreover, the unusual shop features a lounge where customers can watch important cycling races on TV, a library with magazines where they can have drinks and showers they can use after training .

Pave store in Barcelona is a true biker’s haven. It features various products, from footwear to bicycle components. As stated before, walking through the shop can be similar with strolling through the galleries of an art museum, as the products are carefully and logically displayed, making it easy and pleasant for bikers to find what they need.

The person in charge with the branding process was Marcel Batlle, who stated in an official press release: “The idea is to offer much more than just a cycling shop. We have showers for use after training, a nice TV to watch Giro, Le Tour, Paris Roubaix…There is a paved entry, making reference to the name of the shop and the classic bicycle race. The shop is 700m2 with lots of space where you can enjoy all the products.

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