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Passive Sound Amplifier For Your iPhone: Volta Sound Block

Passive Sound Amplifier For Your iPhone: Volta Sound Block

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Volta Sound Block is a passive sound amplifier, compatible with iPhone 4 and 5. It increases the sound output from your iPhone’s speakers, without using any kind of super-sophisticated mechanism. It is made from a solid block of Northwest Alder wood and it boasts a unique American Bison horn. Each Volta Sound Block is crafted by hands, so that makes each device special (one-of-a-kind). “The Sound Block attaches to the Horn using Neodymium Magnets, which allow for maximum holding power, easy horn adjustment, and easy transportation. To top it off we line each Block with wool from Pendleton Woolen Mills to keep your precious iPhone scratch-free”.

The attention towards details is incredible. Each device is unique and stylish and it comes equipped with a printed travel bag (for easy transportation). You can take Sound Block with you wherever you go: barbecue, camping, in the mountains. The horn can be easily detached. This makes it extremely portable. Forget about wires, cords or cables. Back to basics/the roots “sounds” like a good idea, after all.

If Volta Sound Block raised your interest, you can check or purchase it for $190 from here.