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Only One Aston Martin DB10 Spectre Edition Will Go Under The Hammer

Only One Aston Martin DB10 Spectre Edition Will Go Under The Hammer

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Update – The Aston Martin DB10 made for the James Bond film Spectre sold  for $3.5 million at a special auction at Christie’s in London.

James Bond’s latest car has been speeding up the bar of exclusivity with ease. Aston Martin DB10 started off as the first car made by the British auto maker specially for a Bond movie only. Of the ten bespoke DB10, only one will ride away with the ultimate crown of exclusivity when it will be auctioned next year. astonmartin_db10_spectre_007_2Aston Martin’s Spectre DB10 is so exclusive that only one person will be able to buy it. However, since it is not street legal, the latest 007 car will not be allowed to hit the road. This makes it a unique collectible to show off in the auto world. Ten DB10 cars were manufactured in all, of which eight have been used for Spectre filming, along with two show cars.astonmartin_db10_spectre_007_1Aston Martin sports cars have been favored by British Secret Service agent since 50 years. And this exclusive-to-Spectre DB10 was designed, engineered and hand crafted by a dedicated team at Aston Martin’s Gaydon Headquarters in the UK. Including Spectre, Aston Martin has featured in 12 of the 24 James Bond films.astonmartin_db10_spectre_007The twenty-fourth James Bond film is also the first to feature the two main cars that were created solely created for the film and are not available to the public. Even the villain’s car, the Jaguar C-X75, is not for sale and only seven of these Jaguars were created for the film. Jaguar Land Rover also provided the film with ten customized Land Rover Defenders and seven Range Rover Sport SVRs.

But Aston Martin and 007 fans can cheer up as to celebrate Aston Martin’s long-standing association with James Bond, and to mark the release of Spectre, 150 DB9 GTs have been placed on special reserve for the creation of individual DB9 GT Bond Edition models. This roadworthy edition has started selling for $253,000.

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