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Office on wheels for those who love to work on the go

Office on wheels for those who love to work on the go

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When we think about corporate lifestyle, then we imagine a huge building where people are busy working on their workstations. But take a break and think about what top-notch company chief executives, businessmen, and rich people like to integrate in their corporate lifestyle. Well, it’s not a huge building or a complex but some elegant mobile offices that can impart to them luxury of working even when they are stuck in a traffic jam or just enjoying a highway ride.

Howard Becker is one among many companies that does car customizations for many distinguished and rich people. Becker Automotive Designs is another such company which is pioneer in customizing vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van to suit needs of clients who long for an exquisite office on wheels. One of the very first mobile offices came into notice as early as in 1935 when Stout Scarab was launched at $5,000. Since then, this segment of vehicles and cars has seen some major changes. People like to integrate best of vehicles like Sprinter vans and limousines having an extra space for added comfort and technology integration. If a top-level executive can get ease of delivering a presentation to his/her employees while is travelling or parked somewhere on highway then, why won’t such mobile offices become popular? Fast internet facilities, ergonomically designed interior, different gadgetry come very easily into mobile office’s space and some people now like to have a better mobile office than an office which limits their mobility.

Via: NYTimes

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