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Ocean House: A Seaside Resort from the Gilded Age

Ocean House: A Seaside Resort from the Gilded Age

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For those who prefer some historical background to their luxury getaways, Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island is an ideal choice. The seaside hotel was originally built in 1868, and the current reconstuction is faithful to the original. In some areas, such as the lobby, the original architecture has been cloned using laser mapping. The fireplace in the lobby was carefully restored: the stones was numbered and then returned to their exact original placement. But despite being a time capsule of the aesthetics of Victorian seaside holidays, the Ocean House is decidedly firmly in the 21st century in terms of its luxury accommodations.

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Unlike most hotels, the Ocean House consists mainly of one-off suites with only a handful of the ‘standard’ double rooms one expects to find in a hotel. Forbes’ Gary Walther recently reviewed the Ocean House and gave a breakdown of its unique rooms. A number of the suites are on the ground floor and have beach access, but the suites in the upper portions of the hotel are not without their own charm. Walther describes the Penthouse Suite as a “grand garret” with its three bedrooms, dramatic entrance, and skylights.

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Individuals interested in a historic seaside holiday can check out the Ocean House website for more information.