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See the Music: Zungle Panther Audio Sunglasses

See the Music: Zungle Panther Audio Sunglasses

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Zungle Inc., a tech company from the LA area, is dedicated to developing new forms of wearable technology. Their current project is the Zungle Panther, a pair of Ray-Ban-esque shades that double as audio equipment. However, the Zungle Panther has a unique method of transmitting audio: rather than coming equipped with earbuds, the prescription sunglasses feature a bone conduction sound system. Essentially, the tunes are vibrated directly into your skull.


“In this generation, people have always wanted to try out wearable devices, but they were always hesitant because of the designs. Everyone wants to use a cool device that’s also convenient but no one wants to look goofy in them,” said Jason Yang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zungle, Inc. “The users can make phone calls or listen to music by pairing Panther with their smartphone through Bluetooth, but these shades will look just the same as regular sunglasses to other people. No one except the user can hear the sounds.”



Because Panther leaves the user’s ears completely open, they are being touted as a safer choice for cyclists and urban pedestrians who need to stay aware of their surroundings. On June 16, Zungle will launch their Kickstarter campaign for Panther. During the campaign, Panther can be pre-ordered for  $89. The retail price is expected to be $149.