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Nobu Hotel Atlanta Review

Nobu Hotel Atlanta Review

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
Nobu Atlanta Review

Immerse yourself in unmatched luxury at Nobu Hotel Atlanta: discover top-tier suites, exhilarating Porsche drives, and exquisite gourmet dining in the heart of Buckhead. Join renowned luxury travel journalist Christopher Parr as he delves into the elegant world of Atlanta’s premier Nobu Hotel and Restaurant. Experience the fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetic with modern luxury, and see firsthand if this landmark establishment meets the illustrious Nobu standards. Ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury and culinary excellence? Let’s find out.

As Pursuitist, we’ve traversed the globe, experiencing the epitome of luxury in every corner. From Nobu Las Vegas to Nobu Chicago, each property we’ve visited has left an indelible mark with its unparalleled culinary artistry and exceptional hospitality. It’s with this rich backdrop of global luxury experiences that we eagerly welcome the debut of the Nobu Hospitality brand in Atlanta. Nestled in the heart of Buckhead, the city’s most illustrious neighborhood, the Nobu Hotel Atlanta isn’t just a new entrant in the hospitality sector; it represents the culmination of a culinary and luxury odyssey.

Nobu Atlanta Review

The Nobu restaurant, a cornerstone of this magnificent property, is more than just a dining venue; it’s a destination in its own right. Attracting travelers and culinary aficionados from across the world, it stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to gastronomic excellence and innovation. With its modern design, exceptional service, and world-class culinary experiences, Nobu Hotel Atlanta has swiftly ascended in our rankings, securing its place among the top 5 luxury hotels in Atlanta.

Our journey with Nobu over the years has been nothing short of extraordinary. Each property has offered a unique window into the vision of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, blending local cultural nuances with the brand’s signature style. The arrival of Nobu in Atlanta is particularly exhilarating. It marks a new chapter in the city’s luxury narrative, bringing a fresh and sophisticated flavor to its already vibrant hospitality scene.

For those who seek the finest in dining and accommodation, Nobu Hotel Atlanta is not just a choice; it’s a journey into a world where every detail is curated to perfection, every plate is a canvas of flavors, and every stay is an unforgettable experience. Pursuitist is proud to herald the arrival of Nobu Hotel Atlanta – a beacon of luxury hospitality and culinary brilliance in the heart of Atlanta.

In the heart of Buckhead, Atlanta’s most prestigious neighborhood, Nobu Hotel Atlanta has emerged as a new icon of luxury. This splendid addition to the city’s hospitality landscape is more than just a hotel; it’s a statement of world-renowned gastronomy paired with exceptional hospitality. Nestled in the upscale Phipps Plaza, Nobu Hotel Atlanta brings a unique fusion of culinary art and luxury living to the heart of the city.

Pursuitist Tip: Experience the vibrant heart of Buckhead with a stroll around the neighborhood, known for its upscale boutiques and fine dining.

The Nobu Legacy: Culinary Innovation Meets Luxury Hospitality

The Nobu brand, led by the visionary Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, is a global symbol of Japanese cuisine with Peruvian influences. Chef Nobu’s journey from a sushi chef to a culinary legend is a story of passion and innovation. Each Nobu property, including the Atlanta hotel, is a testament to this legacy, offering exceptional dining experiences that showcase the chef’s creativity and finesse.

Pursuitist Tip: Don’t miss the chef’s special tasting menu, a true reflection of Chef Nobu’s culinary journey.

Architectural Elegance Meets Japanese Aesthetics

The architecture and interior design of Nobu Hotel Atlanta are a blend of Japanese tradition and contemporary luxury. The serene yet vibrant atmosphere is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, with every element designed to create an immersive and luxurious experience for guests.

Pursuitist Tip: Observe the subtle integration of Japanese art and design elements that create a unique sense of place and culture.

Phipps Plaza: The Jewel of Atlanta’s Luxury Scene

Located in Phipps Plaza, Nobu Hotel Atlanta is perfectly situated in a hub of luxury. Phipps Plaza, known for its high-end shopping and entertainment, complements the Nobu brand’s ethos of exclusivity and luxury, making the hotel’s location ideal for guests seeking the finest experiences in Atlanta.

Pursuitist Tip: Explore the elite collection of designer stores and boutiques within Phipps Plaza for a premium shopping experience.

The Porsche Suite: An Epitome of Automotive-Inspired Luxury

In a unique blend of automotive elegance and luxury accommodation, Nobu Hotel Atlanta introduces the Porsche Suite. This exclusive suite is an homage to the iconic brand, featuring sophisticated design elements that echo the sleek, high-performance ethos of Porsche. Every detail in the Porsche Suite, from the artwork to the furnishings, is curated to resonate with the spirit of speed and innovation synonymous with Porsche.

Pursuitist Tip: For automotive enthusiasts, the Porsche Suite is more than a room; it’s an immersive experience that captures the essence of the Porsche lifestyle.

The Porsche Suite

The Porsche House Car: Travel in Style

Elevating the guest experience, Nobu Hotel Atlanta offers the use of a Porsche house car. This service allows guests to explore Atlanta in unparalleled style and comfort. Whether it’s a trip to a business meeting or a night out in the city, traveling in the Porsche house car adds a touch of luxury and exclusivity to every journey.

Pursuitist Tip: Make use of the Porsche house car for a stylish arrival at Atlanta’s top restaurants and events, ensuring a grand entrance every time.

The Porsche HQ Experience: An Exclusive Adventure

In partnership with the nearby Porsche Headquarters, Nobu Hotel Atlanta offers guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Porsche experience. This exclusive adventure includes a visit to the Porsche HQ, where guests can engage in activities like simulator driving, a guided tour of the facility, and even a session on the Porsche test track. This unique experience is an exhilarating blend of luxury, speed, and adrenaline, all within the context of the Nobu experience.

Pursuitist Tip: The Porsche HQ experience is a must for car lovers and adrenaline seekers, offering a rare glimpse into the world of high-performance automotive excellence.

Unraveling the Nobu Hotel Experience

  • The Culinary Journey: The Nobu Restaurant and Bar is not just about dining; it’s an exploration of culinary art. Dishes like Black Cod Miso and Yellowtail Jalapeño are among the specialties that highlight Chef Nobu’s expertise. The bar, both exclusive and stylish, serves a variety of fine wines, sake, and artisan cocktails.
  • Luxurious Accommodations: The rooms and suites are a harmony of comfort, elegance, and style. Each room is distinct, offering luxurious amenities and stunning views of Atlanta’s skyline.
  • Exceptional Service: The service at Nobu Hotel Atlanta is legendary. Guests receive personalized attention, from concierge services to custom experiences, all delivered with discretion and care.
  • Design Brilliance: The hotel’s interior is a celebration of natural beauty and artistic expression. The use of natural materials and art pieces creates an ambiance that is aesthetically pleasing and emotionally resonant.
  • Culinary Adventures: Beyond regular dining, Nobu Atlanta offers unique experiences such as chef-led cooking classes and exclusive tasting events, perfect for culinary enthusiasts.
  • Beyond the Ordinary: Nobu Hotel Atlanta provides experiences that go beyond traditional luxury. Guests can enjoy private city tours, custom events, and more, ensuring each stay is unforgettable.

Nobu Hotel Atlanta Review Summary


  • A landmark addition to Atlanta’s luxury hospitality scene, located in the prestigious Buckhead neighborhood.
  • Offers a unique blend of Japanese-inspired luxury with modern amenities, housed within the upscale Phipps Plaza.
  • Known for its exquisite culinary offerings, elegant design, and exceptional service.

What We Like

  • The prestigious location in Buckhead, providing easy access to some of Atlanta’s finest attractions.
  • The exceptional culinary experience at the Nobu Restaurant, showcasing Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s renowned Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine.
  • The luxurious and thoughtfully designed suites, offering comfort and elegance.
  • The availability of the Porsche house car, providing a unique and stylish mode of transportation for guests.

What We Don’t

  • When we arrived at 10pm after a long flight, no room service was available and the bar was closed.
  • We asked if there was a hotel store for aspirin and other medicine. We were instructed to walk 15 minutes to a CVS.


  • Book well in advance to secure a reservation, especially if planning to stay in the exclusive Porsche Suite.
  • Don’t miss the chef’s special tasting menu at the Nobu Restaurant for a true culinary adventure.
  • Utilize the Porsche house car service for a stylish exploration of Atlanta.


  • A harmonious blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics with contemporary luxury.
  • Features artistic elements and natural materials, creating an environment of sophistication and tranquility.
  • Each space, from the lobby to the suites, is meticulously designed to enhance the guest experience.


  • Known for its impeccable service, with attention to detail and personalized care for each guest.
  • Offers bespoke experiences, including personalized concierge services, to cater to individual preferences and needs.


  • The Nobu Restaurant is a highlight, offering an array of signature dishes like Black Cod Miso and Yellowtail Jalapeño.
  • The menu is a testament to Chef Nobu’s innovative culinary style, blending Japanese techniques with Peruvian flavors.
  • Offers unique culinary experiences, including chef-led cooking classes and exclusive tasting events.

The House Car and Other Services

  • The Porsche house car service adds an element of luxury and convenience, ideal for exploring Atlanta in style.
  • Additional services include a state-of-the-art fitness center, in-room dining options, and customized event planning for special occasions.

Nobu Hotel Atlanta is the new leader of luxury and culinary excellence in Atlanta. With its unique blend of design, service, and gastronomy, alongside exclusive amenities like the Porsche house car, this hotel offers an unmatched experience for the discerning traveler.

Pursuitist Concludes

Nobu Hotel Atlanta transcends the traditional confines of luxury hospitality, offering a unique blend of culinary brilliance, architectural elegance, and automotive sophistication. With the addition of the Porsche Suite and exclusive experiences like the Porsche house car and the Porsche HQ adventure, Nobu Hotel Atlanta stands out as a destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life, be it gourmet cuisine, exquisite design, or automotive excellence. For affluent travelers seeking an unparalleled luxury experience in Atlanta, Nobu Hotel Atlanta connected to the exceptional Phipps Plaza is a destination that truly has it all.

Nobu Hotel Atlanta Details


  • Project: Sixth hotel collaboration between Rockwell Group and Nobu Hospitality.
  • Location: New nine-story building in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Offerings: 152 guestrooms and suites, amenities, and a Nobu restaurant.
  • Essence: Captures the essence of the Nobu brand and lifestyle.

Design Concept

  • Inspiration: Atlanta’s nickname, “city in a forest,” and Japanese arts and crafts.
  • Theme: A continuation of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s culinary creativity.
  • Nature Integration: Use of different wood tones and grains, creation of pocket gardens, and ikebana.

Design Details

  • Entry/Lobby (Level 1): Features rich teak wood, a black and gold lacquered reception desk, a woven white glass curtain, and a wooden folding screen with abstracted flower petals.
  • Nobu Restaurant (Level 1): Influenced by Japanese garden pavilions, featuring a backlit white onyx bar, river rock art, shoji paper pendants, and wood-clad concrete columns.
  • Ballroom/Meeting Rooms (Level 1): Defined by charred Accoya and cypress wood, with custom bronze sconces and a carpet inspired by tree rings. Includes a patio and two small meeting rooms with unique design elements.
  • Rooftop: Offers a pool, bar, and lounge area with terra cotta plaster walls, teak bar, and sunset lounge chairs.


  • Elevator and Corridors: Elevators open to red and gold textured resin walls; corridors are dark with blue and orange wallcovering, silk-inspired carpet, and obi sash art.
  • Standard Room: Custom light fixtures, live edge wood furniture, colorful accents, large picture window, and a soothing bathroom design.
  • Nobu Villa (9th Floor): Spacious with a media lounge, dining and bar area, and a kintsugi-themed white resin wall.
  • Suites: Living rooms with walnut slatted wood paneling and hand-painted paper wallcovering, deep blue minibar, and neutral-toned furniture. Bedrooms feature a black wood headboard, leather accents, and custom art.

Nobu Hotel Atlanta, through its detailed and inspired design, offers a unique and luxurious experience that blends the natural beauty of Atlanta with the refined elegance of Japanese art and craftsmanship.


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