What is going on with Hollywood’s most feared blogger? On Saturday May 29, 2010 @ 8:45am PDT, the Deadline Team posted the following mysterious brief statement:

Deadline Advisory: Nikki Back On June 4th. Nikki Finke is on medical leave from May 23rd until June 4th.

We already miss Nikki – the notorious private blogger and most feared woman in Hollywood. Hope all is well and we await her return to Deadline Hollywood and deadline.com! In other news, Diane Keaton and Ellen Page are both set to star in HBO’s new half hour comedy pilot, Tilda. Directed by Bill Condon, the show features Keaton as a powerful Hollywood blogger with a “no holds barred style” that’s clearly modeled on Deadline’s own Nikki Finke, the hard-charging doyenne of online tinsel-town news and gossip. The big question circling Hollywood now — will Nikki Finkle sue HBO over Tilda? Or, is the pressure of the impending HBO series causing “stress” (the reason for the medical leave) to Miss Finkle? We don’t want to scream TOLDJA! — but HBO better assemble a fleet of lawyers. To profit, and rip off her persona, without any compensation to Nikki, HBO is skating on thin ice.