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Motor Trend Speculates About The Apple Car

Motor Trend Speculates About The Apple Car

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Since last year there has been talk of Apple getting into the automotive industry, but so far no definitive information has been released by the company itself as to what a car by them would even look like. The company had tentatively planned to release a vehicle by 2019, but the project has faced some setbacks, including the loss of the project’s leader Steve Zadesky who announced in January that he would be leaving Apple.

The Apple Car Concept

This hasn’t stopped other people from speculating as to the future vehicle’s design and capabilities. Car magazine Motor Trend has released images of what it calls the “Apple Car,” but its mock-ups are all purely speculative at this point. Apple has declined to comment on the potential accuracy or inaccuracy of Motor Trend’s images.

Motor Trend’s designs largely focus on the interior of the Apple Car and how Apple might radically alter the experience of riding in a car. This includes speculations about an augmented reality windshield (it looks rather like a large computer screen with a number of helpful apps) and a Siri-like chauffeur to direct the driver/passenger. The AI chauffeur is a particularly interesting speculation, as it is highly similar to Bentley’s tentative plans for holographic butlers in their vehicles. This very well might be the future of autonomous driving.

The Apple Car