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Modern 100% Capri Store in Miami

Modern 100% Capri Store in Miami

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Designing a clothes store to appeal to elegant men and women visiting Miami was a very simple task for the people at  Giachi Architettura e Design, who created the interior for 100% Capri in St. Barths. You may find the name familiar, as this particular shop is part of a larger chain of clothes stores, located in key locations around the world.

The interior design of the 100% Capri Store in Miami is defined by a modern, elegant style and is targeted at people who are characterized by the same features. According to the designers, “the focal point is a lightness and airiness throughout,  punctuated by specially designed details such as the expanse of intricate wooden screens, elegant lamps diffusing soft light and diaphanous linen curtains creating privacy. The distinctive white or sandy-coloured shirts for men and women are handmade from the finest cloth, the epitome of elegance on Capri“.

Wood elements were also added to the design, as well as leather details. The atmosphere was added peacefulness by the sound of a cascading water in an atrium below. Located in the most exclusive shopping area in town, the 100% Capri Store manages to stand out by encouraging a refined shopping experience.

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