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Mercedes-Benz R-Class 2011 Reviewed

Mercedes-Benz R-Class 2011 Reviewed

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Here’s the rundown of the latest reviews for the 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class:

Now Mercedes is gambling that a new front end will help attract more eyes to the R-Class on dealer lots. When it goes on sale in August, the R will have a fresh look from the windshield forward. As you can see in the accompanying slide show, it brings the R-Class in line with the current MB styling cues and gives the vehicle a bit more aggressive look up front. – from MarketWatch

Coming to showrooms in August, the new R-Class features a hood, fenders, grille, headlamps and bumper that have been redone to give the vehicle what Mercedes calls an “arrow shaped” front end. The grille is higher and more steeply raked, and the Mercedes’ three-point star grows to the point that no oncoming motorist will mistake what brand you are driving. – from USAToday

Most of the changes to the U.S.-built 2011 R-Class revolve around its exterior, which is now more in line with its stablemates. Its wider-look mug is highlighted by a more angular three-bar grille and hood, revised headlamps and slick LED light-bar running lamps. The muscular theme also plays out at the rear, with shallower rear glass, rectangular exhaust tips integrated into a diffuser, and edgier taillamps. Adorning the coupe-themed greenhouse’s flanks are larger rear view mirrors with the automaker’s optional blind spot detection system — a welcome feature for a vehicle as long as the R-Class (203.1 inches). – from MotorTrend

The interior of the R-class is largely unchanged. As was the case before, six-passenger seating is standard, and a middle bench seat to replace the standard two buckets is an option, which raises capacity to seven. The third-row seat is adult-habitable, and there’s a reasonable 15.2 cubic feet of luggage space with all three rows of seats in use. The 2011 update barely touches the interior-the R-class, for instance, still does not get the excellent multifunction knob controller seen already in the Mercedes sedans. – from Automobile