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Mercedes Benz is the most mentioned brand in Jay-Z’s songs

Mercedes Benz is the most mentioned brand in Jay-Z’s songs

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What does Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, Maybach, Nike, Tom Ford and Gucci have in common? These brands along with many others have been spilled out of Jay-Z’s mouth time and again while rapping.

Jay_Z_rapperThe God of rap has been loud and clear about his loyalty to a few favored brands by mentioning them in his music. Vanity Fair has rolled out a list of most name-dropped brands by Jay-Z. He jazzes up his lyrics by making a special mention of renowned brands that reign as the best in the world of auto, fashion, art and the likes. Mercedes Benz leads the chart with Cristal, Lexus, Maybach, BMW and Gucci following closely on heels of the top 15 most mentioned brands. Versace stands 13th on the list followed by Tom Ford whose name has be uttered for over more than 9 times in American rapper’s twelfth studio album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Mercedes Benz is the most mentioned brand in Jay-Z’s songsJay-Z’s has also shot to fame by including the names of gun brands like Glock and Kel-Tec in his lyrics. However of late, the fizz of the champagne produced by Louis Roederer, Cristal, which holds the second slot on the chart has fizzled out. Last, it has been name dropped in the lyrics to remind us of its racist inclination due to Cristal’s infamous snub to the hip-hop community in 2006.

No prices for noticing the most mentioned brand, Mercedes, in these lines from Beyonce’s better half’s lyrics –

“……Mercedes in a row winding down the road…”

“…..Mercedes truck, fuck, houses on acres….”

“….My lady is, my Mercedes is…..”

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