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Meet the Winemaker: Elizabeth Vianna- Hill

Meet the Winemaker: Elizabeth Vianna- Hill

Over lunch at The Lambs Club, we sat down with tastemakers, wine enthusiasts and Brazilian Winemaker Elizabeth Vianna- Hill of Chimney Rock Winery. Chimney Rock Winery came to be in 1980- after Hack and Stella Wilson purchased the 180-acre parcel of land, that included a golf course, and the Terlato family took sole ownership in 2004. The Stags Leap District estate is now known for high quality cabernet sauvignon in a serene landscape. Celebrating 40 years this year, with Elizabeth as winemaker for the past 20 years, we chatted about all things wine, music and more.


What’s your favorite part of being a winemaker? 

I would say two things. One, just walking the vineyards and being there in that quiet place. It’s my happy place. The second thing is this- seeing the wines come alive a table for people. Ultimately, this is what I make wine for. I’ve always said my goal was to make wines that move people. I  want to make wines that make people go ” Oh my God”. I want it to be an emotional response.

Do you have a favorite wine from your lineup? 

I  don’t -they are all my children!


Is there a wine you would like to make that you haven’t made yet? 

I  would love to make sparkling. I  love bubbles.


If you weren’t a winemaker, what would you be doing?

I might be a fiction writer-I love words. I  love piano, I love music.  I maybe playing the blues in a lounge somewhere!


What’s on your playlist right now? 

Music is like wine for me- I  love it all. Soul, jazz, classical, world music. I’m Brazilian by birth so I  love Brazilian music. When I’m alone at the winery and everyone is gone, I usually play classical. Right now, the latest Beyonce album is one of my favorite albums ever. I love it all- I  just love music. I  couldn’t live without it.