Ralph Lauren Fragrances has announced baseball legend and business entrepreneur Alex Rodriguez will serve as the brand’s new POLO BLUE Social Media Ambassador.

 Fitting the lifestyle of the Polo Brand, A-Rod will bring a new level of sophistication, edginess and flair to the iconic brand.

“I’ve always admired the Ralph Lauren brand. Since I was young, I’ve seen it as timeless and aspirational – and the fragrances have been nothing short. That’s part of the reason this collaboration is so special to me.” – Alex Rodriguez



The brand also is celebrating the launch of the brand new POLO BLUE GOLD BLEND. The warm, rich fragrance is masterfully crafted from three signature gold ingredients – Pure Ginger, Aromatic Sage and Gold Incense – and blended to set the Gold standard of elegance. The notes are complemented with hints of grapefruit, lavender, cardamon and Patchouli Heart, making it balanced, inviting and classic Polo.