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McLaren 650S

McLaren 650S

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Meet the McLaren 650S. McLaren has shared more details of the new 650S coupé, a 207mph super car that’s debuting at the Geneva International Motor Show next month.

Available as a fixed-head coupé or as a Spider, with a retractable folding hard top, the British luxury auto manufacturer calls the the McLaren 650S “its fastest, most engaging, best equipped and most beautiful series-production supercar yet.”

The 650S badge designation refers to the power output – 650PS (641 bhp), – of the McLaren M838T twin turbo V8 engine. ‘S’ stands for ‘Sport’, underlining the focus and developments made to handling, transmission, drivability and engagement. Performance figures will be confirmed ahead of the Geneva Show.

The aerodynamic performance of the McLaren 650S is as efficient as the 12C, boasting the same drag coefficient figure, yet the air is being worked harder and more efficiently as it flows over, and through, the functional bodywork.

“As always with McLaren, the new design is there for good engineering reasons,” says McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt. “The newly designed front bumper improves downforce and steering turn-in. The high speed handling balance is now even better. The LED lights use less power and last longer.”

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