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Marilyn Monroe Is Max Factor’s Global Glamour Ambassador For 2015

Marilyn Monroe Is Max Factor’s Global Glamour Ambassador For 2015

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The legendary diva lives on after her death and is also giving the current generation of actresses and super models a run for their money! Even though Marilyn Monroe has been cooling her heels in her grave since over fifty years, she has just bagged the honor of becoming Max Factor’s global ambassador.

marilyn-monroe_max_factorThe cosmetics company announced their global glamour ambassador of 2015 with an advertising campaign that reads, ‘From Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe – Created By Max Factor.’ The first image of the new campaign brings the diva back to life with the before-and-after shots of a young Norma Jeane Mortenson and the glamorous superstar Marilyn Monroe. After all, it was Mr Max Factor’s magic that helped transform Norma Jeane into the icon we all adore.

The quintessential American sex symbol was one of Max Factor’s most famous clients and the brand asserts that it was Max Factor Jr, then president of the company, who was responsible for Monroe’s trademark look.

Pat McGrath, Max Factor global creative design director, quotes in admiration of their new face, “Marilyn made the sultry red lip, creamy skin and dramatically lined eyes the most famous beauty look of the Forties and it’s a look that continues to dominate the beauty and fashion industry. It is the ultimate look that defines glamour – nothing else compares. Ruby Tuesday, inspired by one of Marilyn’s favourite Max Factor lipsticks, is still my go-to red today for an instant shot of glamour, and continues to be one of the most popular shades for both make-up artists and real women.”

This isn’t the first time that Monroe has been associated with a beauty brand even after her death. The platinum-blonde Hollywood star had a make-up collection dedicated to her by MAC in 2012 and had been the face of Chanel No.5 campaigns in 2013.

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