Famous, luxury Parisian patisserie Maison Ladurée has announced plans to set up its first US outpost in New York this summer. The opulent boutique — known for its pastel-colored, feather-light macarons and elegant tea houses across Paris — will open a boutique on Madison Avenue in July. In a city where the cupcake continues to reign as the frosted, portable dessert snack of choice for New Yorkers and tourists alike, the French house is hoping to take a bite out of the market and start a new trend: one that appeals to the well-heeled Manhattanite who dines on fine china, drinks tea with her pinky held aloft and swoons at dainty, fairytale pastries.

Macarons are airy, meringue-like cookies made with egg whites, ground almonds and sugar that sandwich a flavored butter cream or ganache filling. Ladurée boasts a 149-year history, having set up its first bakery in 1862 on rue Royale in Paris. The house claims to have invented the double-deckered macaron.

Meanwhile, loyalties are divided among Parisians between macaron brands Ladurée and Pierre Hermé, who is also famous for his meringue cookies.

Flavors at Ladurée include caramel with salted butter, raspberry, pistachio, lemon, orange blossom, rose and blackcurrant violet. The boutiques also sell cakes, pastries and chocolates.

Currently, Ladurée has stores in England, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Ireland, the Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Monaco, Turkey and Switzerland.

In addition to New York, they will also be opening new boutiques in Rome, Osaka, Hong Kong, London’s Covent Garden and Heathrow Airport.

In addition to Paris, Pierre Hermé has boutiques in London and Japan.

For more info, visit http://www.laduree.fr/en/scene.