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Luxury Lodge Resort Atop a Secluded Cliff in Kangaroo Island, Australia

Luxury Lodge Resort Atop a Secluded Cliff in Kangaroo Island, Australia

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Feel free to let your thoughts drift while looking through the photos of this mesmerizing luxurious resort. Situated atop a secluded cliff in the picturesque Kangaroo Island, this ocean lodge in South Australia seems to float right out of this world.

Even though the resort is secluded and integrated in a pristine, wild landscape, its main characteristics are taste, sophistication and opulence. This relaxation oasis looks incredible, resembling a genuine backbone for the cliff it is settled on. Moreover, its proximity to the ocean makes its location a very privileged one.

But this resort is not all about the landscape. Once inside, visitors are welcomed by state-of-the-art contemporary interiors, featuring lavish king-sized beds, spa amenities, heated floors, modern fireplaces that descend from the ceilings, delightful outdoor terraces and many, many more.

And in case you were wondering about the services here, they are said to be excellent, providing a holiday where pampering is a must. The Southern Spa is probably the most appreciated building in the area, as it offers dramatic views of the ocean and cutting edge relaxation treatments. It is also equipped with a steam room, spa cuisine and chill-out lounge, answering a variety of ostentatious holiday needs.


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